Free webinars

Free seminars on a variety of topics and courses, led by our team of clinical experts and trainers at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust.

Past webinars

You’ll find seminar recordings here for you to re-watch or catch-up on if you weren’t able to make the live session. For notifications of future live seminars, make sure to sign-up to our events mailing list.

Mental health in schools: leadership and wellbeing in secondary settings

This webinar explored the range of mental health challenges presented in secondary school settings and shared resources to help leaders embed a whole-school approach to support wellbeing.

Mental health in schools: leadership and wellbeing in primary settings

In this webinar, our presenters explored ways to support mental health and wellbeing in primary school settings and shared ideas on how to make school feel like a safe space for learning.

Mental health in schools: leadership and wellbeing in early years

This webinar focused on promoting the social, emotional and mental health of children and adults in early years settings.

Mental health in schools: an introduction to mental health leadership

This was the first event in our series of free webinars on mental health in educational settings and explored the role schools leaders can play in ensuring good mental health and wellbeing – for children, young people and staff.

Trauma-informed care: revolution or rhetoric?

In this webinar recording, we explore some of the background and myths around what it means to be trauma-informed and consider the value, challenges and potential pitfalls of trying to adopt a trauma-informed approach within the public sector.

Perinatal mental health training: the who, what and why?

In this webinar recording, we take a look at the role of training for professionals involved in the care of women, birthing people and families throughout the perinatal period. It will help you to feel more confident navigating this area in your professional role and making informed decisions on training for yourself and your colleagues.

The harmonious workplace: keeping strategy and reality in tune

In this webinar recording, we discuss what your organisation can do to address or prevent the mismatch between aspirations and lived experience and, in so doing, create a work culture that actively promotes mental health and wellbeing for all.

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