Trauma-informed care: revolution or rhetoric?

A free webinar on trauma-informed care and its value and challenges

The term ‘trauma-informed care‘ has recently become a buzzword and is now finding its way into the mainstream menu of must-have training across the public sector.

But ‘trauma’, in itself, is nothing new. This begs the question – aren’t we already informed enough about trauma?

This free webinar, originally presented by Dr Sheena Webb on 19 April 2022, explores the background and myths around what it means to be trauma-informed and the value, challenges and potential pitfalls of trying to adopt a trauma-informed approach within the public sector.

How will this webinar help me?

By watching this webinar recording, you will gain:

Who is this webinar for?

This is a free webinar for frontline practitioners working with vulnerable adults, including those involved in clinical work, support work or key-working within settings such as:

Anyone with an interest in the subject is also welcome to watch the recording.

Webinar lead

Interested in exploring trauma-informed care further?

Our two-day, online course, Trauma-informed care: using trauma awareness to enhance everyday practice (CPD31), led by Dr Sheena Webb, will help you gain a deeper understanding of trauma-informed care. You will learn practical ways to implement the approach and culture into your work.

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