Group relations conferences

Our iconic conference aims to increase your personal effectiveness in any organisational role

A group relations conference is not a didactic conference but rather an experiential one. It offers members the chance to understand more about group processes and how they behave in a variety of group settings.

This includes areas such as leadership, followership, authority, diversity, hierarchy and power structures, in a live way and how they impact on individual responses and group behaviour.

Upcoming conferences

The conference is a world within a world and provides a structure in which a temporary organization is co-created by members and staff. This can then be studied by all members and staff of the conference; it is a place to experiment, to play, and to try and better understand the dynamics of organizational life. There will be opportunities to look differently, to listen with imagination, and to understand the impact when this isn’t possible. As with any organisation, this ‘temporary organisation’ will present the tensions of working in particular roles, in different levels of authority, and with differing assumptions about the task and about each others’ capacities to lead and to actively follow. 

Participating in a group relations conference offers the potential for deep and transformational learning about both oneself and the dynamics of groups and organizations. 

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