Leadership and collaboration in organisational life

About this conference

There is an understandable wariness of autocratic modes of leadership given the damaging rise of polarisation, populism and post-truth in the political arena. And yet the increasing complexity and ambiguity of organisational life can, at times, pull leaders in contradictory directions: be bold and certain, but at the same time be collaborative and consensus-driven.

In this conference, we invite members to take up their own authority (whether through formal leadership roles, or active followership), and get the task of learning done, while maintaining regard for the diversity of the group.

The conference includes a small number of places for individuals to join a Training Group. This is for those who wish to deepen their experience of group relations and develop the skills necessary to take up the role of group relations staff – see the application form for details.

There are a small number of subsidised spaces available for both external members and training group members.

Please direct any queries to the conference administrator on: GRC@tavi-port.nhs.uk

Director: Nicola Godwin

Associate Director: Gwen Hanrahan 

Training Group Director: Lopa Winters 

Conference Administrator: TBC

Who is this conference for?

For anyone who wants to develop their leadership potential in the context of complex group dynamics.

Why attend this conference?

This four-day Group Relations Conference has a focus on the balance between leadership and collaboration. It is an opportunity for members to experience the processes that influence organisational and group life in an immersive way. It’s a chance to pay attention to, and study, the tensions and pleasures generated when the internal world of the individual meets the emerging world of the ‘temporary organisation’.

Conference venue, dates and timings:

The conference will take place in person at: The Tavistock Centre, 120 Belsize Lane, London, NW3 5BA.

To maximise the conference learning for you and other attendees, we ask all members to commit to attending the whole of all four days:

  • Monday 2 September: (Registration 9.00–9.30) 9.30–18.30
  • Tuesday 3 September: 9.00am to 18.30
  • Wednesday 4 September: 9.00am to 18.30
  • Thursday 5 September: 9.30am to 15.30

Please note: the deadline for applications for this conference will be Friday 2 August 2024, or when all places are filled.

Please note: Members of the Training Group will also attend a pre-conference meeting on Sunday 1st September from 1pm.

Conference fees:

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