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  • Dr Adam Styles

    Adam Styles

    Deputy Director, Research and Senior Educational Psychologist

  • Photograph of Adi Steiner

    Adi Steiner

    Psychodynamic psychotherapist and senior clinical social worker

    Children's mental health,Educational psychology,Psychotherapy (psychoanalytic, psychodynamic),Social work and social care

  • Ajit Menon

    Course Tutor and Supervisor

    Leadership and management,Workplace dynamics

  • Alison Roy

    Alison Roy

    Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

    Adoption and foster care

  • Alla Rubitel

    Consultant psychiatrist in forensic psychotherapy

    Adult mental health,Forensic,Psychotherapy (psychoanalytic, psychodynamic)

  • Amanda Keenan

    Child Pyschotherapist

    Children's mental health,Psychological therapies

  • Picture of Ana Draper

    Ana Draper

    Consultant systemic psychotherapist

    Leadership and management,Systemic and family therapy,Workplace dynamics

  • Angela Bagum

    Angela Bagum

    Mental health nurse and Art Psychotherapist

    Workplace dynamics

  • Anna Harvey

    Anna Harvey

    Associate Lecturer

    Social work and social care

  • Ariel Nathanson

    Consultant child and adolescent psychotherapist

    Adult mental health,Forensic,Psychotherapy (psychoanalytic, psychodynamic)

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