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Medical education

Undergraduate and postgraduate (PGME) training in NHS trusts doctors who have completed core training in psychiatry

We offer higher postgraduate training in child and adolescent psychiatry, medical psychotherapy and forensic psychotherapy to doctors who have completed core training in psychiatry.

The end goal of the training is for doctors to become a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist, a consultant psychiatrist in medical psychotherapy or a consultant psychiatrist in forensic psychotherapy.

What does medical education provide?

Postgraduate training at the Tavistock can provide:

Our programmes

Forensic psychotherapy

Forensic Psychotherapy is currently a five-year, dual-accreditation specialist registrar training in forensic psychiatry and psychotherapy. It is held across the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust and the West London Mental Health NHS Trust, and leads to a consultant psychiatrist post with opportunities in forensic psychiatry settings and allied specialties. Trainees are based in the Portman Clinic.

Personal analysis

As a mandatory part of their training, trainees in medical psychotherapy and forensic psychotherapy must undertake their own psychotherapy or psychoanalysis at a minimum frequency of three time a week with a BPC-accredited psychoanalyst or psychotherapist. Trainees can claim back a proportion of the cost of their analysis from the study leave budget.

For all enquiries, please contact Simone Silverstein, Medical Education Manager.

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