Continuing professional development

We offer a broad spectrum of short CPD courses and events that deliver high quality continuing professional development

Our continuing professional development courses are grouped by the populations you work with, and there are separate sections for our social work and social care courses, and our management and leadership courses. 

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Adult mental health

Our short courses will appeal to a broad range of practitioners in psychiatry, psychology, nursing and social work and focus on working with couples, families and young adults

Working with children, young people and families

Our short courses in this area will develop your capacity for skillful intervention, give you a deeper understanding of the complex difficulties children and families experience and build up your ability for critical reflection and resilience

Social work and social care

Our social work and social care short courses offer experienced social workers the stimulating environment and support to develop their practice

Leadership and management

Our leadership and management short courses build on the early work of the Tavistock Clinic and the ideas of Wilfred Bion and Melanie Klein

Perinatal mental health

Our perinatal courses are built to ensure that women and birthing people meet professionals across the whole perinatal mental health care pathway who have the skills to identify, treat and manage their conditions effectively

Mental health nursing

Our courses for mental health nurses reflect the skills and awareness required to provide responsive, attuned care to patients, to support nurses in reflecting on the impact of work and implementing change

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Library membership

Some CPD courses include library membership, which gives students access to databases, ebooks and journals, as well as use of printed material on the library premises for reference.

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