Reading list help

Guides on how to use your reading lists to access full-text articles and chapters

Accessing your reading lists

Your reading lists, with full-text links to essential readings, are available on your Moodle course pages. The library service uses a system called KeyLinks to produce the online reading lists, in collaboration with course leads and tutors. You can also access your reading lists directly on the KeyLinks website by clicking the three horizontal lines at the top of the screen (highlighted in the image below) and finding the appropriate year and portfolio.

The Keylinks home page with three bars in the top right-hand corner highlighted to indicate how to navigate to lists manaually

Using online reading lists

When you arrive at your online list page, if you’re unable to see the content of the list, make it visible by clicking the sublist symbol next to the title (highlighted in the screenshot below).

Move between sections on a list by using the section tabs at the top (highlighted in the image below) or just scroll down.

An online KeyLinks reading list, with the list section header section highlighted

Get to the full text for a reading by click the linked blue title or use the ‘view online’ button (both options highlighted in the image below).

An online KeyLinks reading list with an article heading and View Online box highlighted

For scanned papers, you’ll find a link called ‘Digital copy’ under the main listing of the reading (highlighted in the image below).

A reference on an online reading list, with the text 'Digital copy' highlighted to show the link to a scanned paper

To get more details about a reading list item or citation details, click the ‘more’ button next to the reference.

Part of an online reading list, with the More button and its options highlighted

Video guide to using an online list

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Technical information

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Help with ebooks

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Search for items

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Information for tutors

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