International partnerships

The Tavistock and Portman is an internationally renowned centre of excellence in clinical practice, education and training, and innovation for mental health and wellbeing.

For more than a century we have been leaders in providing services and education, as clinicians, teachers, and innovators. Foundational ideas such as infant observation and attachment theory trace their origins back to us, and we continue to foster a culture of innovation across our work today

We are already one of the biggest global providers of mental health education, particularly in psychotherapy. We are ambitious for the future, and mindful that we must constantly evolve to reflect the changing needs of the people we care for and teach, and the organisations and systems in which we work.

Our ambition is to build on already established international relationships as we look to strengthen our credentials as a global provider through new partnerships in the international mental healthcare and education sectors.

Global ambition

Visitor’s programme

We offer bespoke visitors’ programmes for overseas delegations, with training tailor-made to complement delegates’ areas of need

Online learning

With our Digital Academy, our online courses provide the opportunity to study with us, wherever you are in the world

International students

We have a long and valued tradition of offering training to mental health professionals from overseas

Get in touch

If you want to explore global partnership opportunities with us please get in touch.


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