Disabled users services

The library provides a range of services for disabled members and tries wherever possible to be responsive to your needs

How the library can help

The library uses the social model of disability to provide equality of access by removing social and physical barriers to resources. We help by providing:

Disability support from library staff

For enquiries about one-to-one training in the use of library resources please email Mathieu Lubrun the information skills trainer.

For any other type of assistance, send an email to the Library Disability Support Team.

Library video guides

YouTube videos on how to use read aloud to listen to articles and books, changing background colours in a PDF and accessing your online reading lists.

How to use read aloud

Change background colours on a PDF

Accessing your reading lists

Computers and mobile devices

Microsoft Windows 10

Windows 10 offers a set of built-in and third-party accessibility features. Microsoft also offers tips for using its accessibility tools and features in its products to meet specific needs. Explore and download the Microsoft accessibility guides.

Apple Mac OS

Mac OS includes features to help you work in alternative ways including keyboard customisation, screen motion-reduction and Switch Control for assistive devices. Get started with accessibility features on Mac.

Apple iPhone and Apple iPad

Apple mobile devices have built-in settings that include voice control and display changes. From your device’s Home screen, go to Settings and find Accessibility. See accessibility features on Apple iPhone or see accessibility features on Apple iPad.

Google Android devices

Google Android mobile devices include audio, vision and mobility support. On your device’s Settings app, tap Accessibility to find features. More about accessibility on Google Android devices.

Colour change app

ColorVeil is a free app that adds a colour filter over your screen and any application you are using. It can help with eye strain, dyslexia, scotopic sensitivity syndrome, or visual stress. Find out more about ColorVeil.

Assistive audio

Find out how you can listen to book chapters and journal articles available in the library online collection.

Audio books

The Librivox Project is a growing a collection of audio books in the public domain read by volunteers, which can be preferable to an automated voice. Books are mainly fiction but there is also some Freud and psychology related material.

Descriptive audio app

Seeing AI is an app that helps you navigate your day with the help of narration describing people, text and objects. Get more information on the Seeing AI app on the Microsoft website. You can also find Seeing AI on the Apple App Store.

Where to find help and advice

Student Information

UK Government websites

Other support organisations

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