Assistive technologies

What are ‘Assistive Technologies’?

Assistive technologies are digital tools, specialist software and equipment that can help you increase your productivity when studying. Examples:

  • Text to speech tools that read text aloud.
  • Font and colour options to match your vision.

Looking for a specific tool?

Our recommended resource is Ability Net’s My Computer My Way which provides simple ‘how to’ guides to make your device easier to use. 

Built-in features

Your operating system

Use your operating system’s settings to ensure your device is set-up correctly for you. All devices have options relating to the display, keyboard, voice control and more.

Your internet browser

Tools for PDFs

Acrobat Reader has a Read Aloud feature and an option to change the background colour when reading a PDF. Watch our videos to learn more:

How to use read aloud:

How to change background colours on a PDF:

Using PowerPoint files

PowerPoint files provided as part of your course should be digitally accessible, but you may want to adjust them for your own viewing preference.

Other free tools

There are many free and paid-for assistive technologies. These examples all have free versions: 

For a better viewing experience we recommend you upgrade your browser.