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What we teach

We offer a range of courses covering a variety of subjects for many levels and abilities

We’ve split our courses by population – who you work with – so you’ll find separate areas for adult mental health, systemic family therapy, social care and leadership.

You can explore all of our postgraduate training, as well as shorter CPD and online-only courses, through the boxes below. If you’re not sure what’s right for you, you can get in touch, attend one of our events or read about the experiences of our students.

Adult mental health

Our training programmes use psychoanalytic and systemic thinking to promote understanding of emotional difficulties and complicated relationships

Working with children, young people and families

Our courses give you a deeper understanding of the complex difficulties children and families experience and will develop your capacity for skillful intervention, critical reflection and resilience

Social work and social care

Our courses teach vital skills for clinical, educational, managerial and leadership roles, and are rooted in social work’s reflective practice traditions, while responding to and shaping current changes in the profession

Leadership and management

Understand the complex interrelationship between the conscious and unconscious in group dynamics and develop essential tools for management and leadership in complex, challenging, changing organisations

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CPD courses

We offer a broad spectrum of short courses, lectures and events that deliver high quality continuing professional development

Digital Academy

Our new, flexible, online-only courses are delivered by clinical educators and encourage learning through experience, reflection and discussion

Medical education

We offer exceptional training for final year medical students, postgraduate trainee doctors and qualified psychiatrists

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