Mental health nursing

Our courses for nurses reflect the skills required to provide responsive, attuned care to patients, to support nurses in reflecting on the impact of work and implementing change

Our training opportunities provide pathways for developing and improving clinical practice and workplace cultures and structures.

Drawing on psycho-social theories our courses are reflective, active and engaging. Key areas include:

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Our courses and training offer opportunities to reflect on and learn about working with individuals, within teams and looking at the wider organisation.

Nursing captures both the science (knowledge) of healthcare and also the heart and mind: the relationships, emotional contact, responsiveness and containment provided by nurses in all their roles.

Our training enables nurses to develop knowledge, through evidence bases and theoretical models, and also to develop skills and understanding of the relational dynamics of work with patients, colleagues and within teams. This emphasis on reflective practice encourages an interest and curiosity in work that lasts beyond the trainings.

Bespoke training

As well as offering a number of online and in-house courses for nurses, we are able to develop and provide customised training and reflective groups to teams and services externally.

Our bespoke training is able provide structure, content and process in which to begin to understand the ongoing needs of individuals and teams.

We are also able to provide reflective practice groups or work discussion groups to teams, or to offer supervision to those who currently facilitate these groups.

Courses or study days are available (and adaptable) based on the needs of the team or service. These may include taught sessions, reflective spaces or a combination of both. The subject areas, length, time and location of the training can be discussed, or alternatively you can base your training on one of our existing courses.

‘Reflective mental health practice today’ and ‘Nursing in mind’ are two programmes that can be delivered directly or remotely and adapted to reflect teams’ needs and priorities.

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Continuing professional development

We are delighted about the announcement of investment in CPD training for nurses, midwives and AHPs. We are able to offer courses as part of the CPD training initiative, as well as many others that are in development. If you have any suggestions for additional training to meet your needs, please feel free to contact us.

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