Governance passport checklist

1 – Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check

This is a check of criminal records and barred lists.

Once you have accepted your offer you can begin your DBS application. 

2 – Clinical and Directorate Induction

This is held during welcome week and you will be sent further details once you have accepted your place of study.

Attendance is mandatory and students must attend for the duration. Failure to do so will result in this being recorded as incomplete and students will be required to attend an induction at a later date.

3 – Online Clinical Governance

  1. Accept all Trust policies and procedures
    These cover all aspects of working with a patient of the Trust and it is essential that you are familiar with them.
  2. Complete the statutory and mandatory training through the e-Learning for health portal
    There are a number of trainings that students must complete through the e-Learning for Health portal. They must send the record of their trainings to the Dean’s Office.
  3. Accept and complete a quiz regarding all procedures related to clinical supervision and health records management
    While seeing a patient at the Trust you must be in receipt of regular clinical supervision. Your clinical team will provide details about how this arranged in your team.

You must also maintain patient records in line with the health records management procedure. Failure to do so may result in students being investigated under the Trust Professional Suitability Procedure and ultimately termination of training.

You must accept these policies and complete a quiz in Moodle to ensure that you understand these procedures and your responsibilities.

4 – CareNotes training

CareNotes is the Trust patient record system. You will use this system to record all appointments, make notes, record outcome measures, complete necessary paperwork and write letters.

Training dates will be advertised on Moodle and students are asked to book themselves onto a session with the training team. Sessions last 3 hours and are currently being delivered online.  

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