Clinical governance passport

If you are going to see a patient of the Trust as part of your training you are required to complete a clinical governance passport

This section will explain what the governance passport is, what you need to do in order to obtain your governance passport and who to speak to if you need help. 

Applicable to the following courses only

All students on a qualifying clinical training who will be carrying out clinical work at the Trust are expected to complete the governance passport.  This includes students on the following courses:

If you are unsure if you will be seeing patients at the Trust and/or if this applies to you, please contact your course lead to discuss.

Students on the Psychoanalytic child and adolescent psychotherapy training (M80) do not have their governance managed by this process and will be contacted separately by HR/their course team.

This section also applies to those students who are required to complete clinical work as part of their course, and who will be doing this at the Trust, for example students on: 

Why we ask students to do this

We are committed to ensuring that students are provided with adequate training and information in relation to governance, and expect all students on a clinical placement within the Trust to complete a Clinical Governance Passport. This comprises a range of trainings that ensure that you are aware of the policies of the Trust, understand your responsibilities and know who to contact if you have an issue in this area.

The passport assures the protection of the patient, yourself and the Trust, and supports you to work safely and manage information about patients. It is coordinated by the Dean’s Office and must be completed before you commence clinical work at the Trust.

Once you have completed all the training you will receive a Letter of Completion which represents your passport. Once you have this you can, in agreement with your course lead and clinical team, begin your clinical work at the Trust.

Completing this training early in the year will mean you can begin your clinical work as soon as your tutor agrees that you are ready. Even if you don’t think you will be seeing a Trust patient we recommend you complete most of the training so that you are not delayed should your circumstances change or your placement fall through (please see the FAQs lower down the page).

Our procedure for governance for clinical trainees is available at the link below:

What is included in your governance passport?

The following training must be completed for a passport to be awarded:

  1. Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check
  2. Face-to-face clinical and directorate induction during Welcome Week
  3. Online Clinical Governance Requirements

You will be able to access Moodle and enrol on the ‘governance for clinical trainees’ page to complete the online governance requirements once you have received your Shibboleth log-in (please see pre-enrolment). This includes:

  1. Carenotes training

We will also issue you with a Trust email address and login as part of this process.

Note: this will only be issued when your placement is confirmed and all training is complete

Passport checklist

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