Governance passport frequently asked questions

If I am not seeing a patient at a service run by the Trust, but am working clinically elsewhere, do I need to complete the passport?

You do not need to complete all the training before you begin seeing an external placement with the exception of the onsite clinical and directorate induction.

However, as placements do sometimes fall through it would be wise to complete the training now so you are ready if this does happen. We would ask that you don’t complete CareNotes until your onsite placement is confirmed but you can complete all the other aspects of the training. This will mean you don’t experience further delays if your placement falls through.

I will be working in a service that does not use CareNotes, do I need to complete the training?

No, but you do need to complete all other areas of the passport.

I don’t know where I am doing my placement.

You should discuss this with your tutor who can advise you. We would advise that you complete the Governance Passport (except CareNotes) if this is not yet confirmed.

I cannot attend any of the CareNotes sessions, what should I do?

All clinical trainees that need this training must attend one of the sessions offered. The training lasts 3 hours and you must stay for the entire session. Individual sessions cannot be booked. You will not be issued with a CareNotes log in or a Governance Passport until this is completed.

I use Carenotes at work, do I need to do the training?

Yes, however, if there are a sufficient number of students in this position a shorter training shall be arranged.

I already have a DBS check with my employer, do I need to do it again?

We can accept your current DBS if it is registered with the online update service. If this is the case for you, we will be in contact to arrange an appointment on Zoom where you will be asked to present the certificate on-screen. If you do not have a DBS or yours is not on the online update service, you will need to apply for one with us and we will arrange an online meeting to start this process. It is the Trust’s policy that you must have a DBS check completed by the Trust which will be valid for a period of 3 years. We are unable to accept a DBS check from an employer unless you are already employed by the Trust.

I am an employee of the Trust. Do I need to complete the governance passport?

No, your employment and training obligations cover the relevant areas.

I am busy on the day of the clinical and directorate induction, what should I do?

Attendance at the clinical and directorate induction is a requirement that can only be waived in exceptional circumstances. If you cannot attend you will need to attend an induction day later in the year. Please be advised that this may delay you in beginning clinical work as you will not be issued a letter of completion until this is complete.

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