Procedure for governance for clinical trainees

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust (hereafter the Trust) is
committed to ensuring that students are provided with adequate training and information in relation to governance.

The Trust recognises the vital contribution that effective governance makes to the clinical management of individual patients and the efficient management of services and resources.

The Trust recognises that it is of paramount importance to ensure that information is efficiently managed, and that appropriate policies, procedures and management accountability provide a strong governance framework for information management, that enhance the use of information whilst taking all reasonable steps to minimise the risks of misuse and/or loss of information.

Furthermore the Trust is committed to the safety of its patients, staff and
students and as such requires the completion of certain trainings to ensure that responsibilities and reporting mechanisms are understood and followed.

This will equip students to work within our structures and assure our patients that they are to be treated in a safe environment.

All trainees that will be conducting clinical work with a patient of the Trust are required to obtain a governance passport and a Letter of Completion before they begin this work. The conditions of receipt of this passport are the completion of a range of trainings and checks as follows:
• Disclosure and Barring Service Check
• Information Governance Training
• Carenotes (patient record system) training
• Acceptance of all Trust policies and procedures

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