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  • Dr Sheena Webb

    Sheena Webb

    Clinical psychologist

    Adult mental health,Children's mental health,Leadership and management,Trauma,Workplace dynamics,Counselling and psychotherapy,Forensic,Social work and social care

  • Sheila Miller

    Psychoanalytic studies,Psychotherapy (psychoanalytic, psychodynamic)

  • Shila Rashid

    Shila Rashid

    Systemic Psychotherapist and Course Lead

    Systemic and family therapy

  • Stephanie Segal

    Organisational Consultant and Executive Coach Supervisor

    Groups,Leadership and management,Reflective practice,Workplace dynamics

  • Photograph of Stephen Blumenthal

    Stephen Blumenthal

    Psychoanalyst and clinical psychologist

    Adult mental health,Forensic,Psychotherapy (psychoanalytic, psychodynamic),Psychoanalytic studies

  • Thomas Owoo

    Advisory Teacher

    Child development,Children's mental health,Educational psychology

  • Image of a woman standing against a door

    Wendy Smith

    Family and Systemic Psychotherapist

    Adult mental health,Children's mental health,Counselling and psychotherapy,Nursing,Systemic and family therapy

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