Printing from a library PC

Step-by-step guide to printing from the computers in the library space. Please ask a member of staff if you need assistance

At a library PC

When you use File > Print to print a document, you’ll see a PrintMe screen. You’ll be asked for an email address but you can click ‘Skip’ as you don’t need to enter an email address when printing from a library PC – you would if you were printing from your own device. Please note: documents with added password protection cannot be printed using the PrintMe system. Password protection will need to be removed before sending the document for printing.

PrintMe website with option to input email address to get a retrieval code my email

Once your document has been processed, the retrieval code will be displayed on screen. Make a note of this code and go to one of the controller screens next to either of our printers.

Retrieval code for print job displayed on PC screen

At the printer

On the controller screen next to the printer, first click ‘Print’ and then select the PrintMe icon from the list of options.

Options for sending documents to printer, including USB, Mobile, PrintMe Website, Dropbox and One Drive

Select ‘Pay At Counter’ but you won’t need to pay – printing is now FREE for all students. Click Next to move to the next screen.

Students with login from our disability service: Please click ‘Account Access’ if you’d like to use your personal printer login.

The payment options screen with Pat At  Counter at top.

You’ll need to type in your name to be able to proceed to the print or copy functions.

Screen with enter your name written at the top, with box and on-screen keypad for typing

Either type in the retrieval code you got from the library PC screen when you printed the document, or if you chose to get the code by email, you can also scan the barcode in the message.

Keypad into which a print job retrieval code should be entered

Select the document you’d like print by clicking it on the screen.

list of print jobs with an option to touch the screen to select a job

Choose your number of copies, paper size, whether you want black-and-white or colour and double or single- sided – remember that double-sided is cheaper. You can also select which pages of the document you’d like to print but the default is to print all pages.

Print options including total copies, pages, colour, one sided and page size

The options you’ve selected appear on screen along with a cost for the job. Remember, you don’t need to pay for your printing and copying, but the options you choose will affect how much you can do in a single session.

Costs of print job with print button to accept the costs

Once your job has printed, you can click ‘Do More Work’ to continue with other print or copying jobs. Otherwise, click ‘End Session’. You’ll then see a screen asking you to pay at the counter, but you don’t need to – printing and copying are now FREE!

Message confirming a job has been sent to the printer, and displaying the 'End Session' button
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