Free printing and copying

Students can print and copy without charge using the Trust student printers

How to print and copy

Printing for academic purposes is free of charge for students. You might see message on the printer control screen asking you to pay at the counter, but you do not need to do this – printing and copying are free but subject to certain limits.

Printers and copiers are available on the ground floor of the Tavistock Centre in the library space and the Student Work Space.

These use the PrintMe system for copying and printing, which allows you to print jobs from your own device, as well as the library and study space PCs. You must also comply with copyright regulations when copying or printing, details of which are displayed next to the machines.

Documents with added password protection cannot be printed using the PrintMe system. Password protection will need to be removed from the document before sending it for printing.

Most students won’t need to register for a printer login. Disabled students and students with learning difficulties should contact the library to discuss getting a login for enchanced copying and printing limits.

Get more information on how to print from these links:

Free printing is only available for academic purposes related to your course or research.

Please be considerate of the environment when deciding how much to print. For example, when possible, use double-sided printing to limit how much paper you use.

There is a limit on how much you can print in one session, the options you choose will affect how much you can print or copy during your session. See the table below for how many document pages you can print with various settings.

Double-sidedA4 black and white 60
A4 colour 25
A3 black and white 42
A3 colour 17
Single-sidedA4 black and white 42
A4 colour 20
A3 black and white 30
A3 colour 15
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