Printing and copying

Pay-as-you-go printing and copying facilities, with concessions for disabled students

How to print and copy

Printers and copiers are available on the ground floor of the Tavistock Centre in the library space and the Student Work Space.

These use the PrintMe system for copying and printing, which offers payment by debit or credit cards (including contactless). PrintMe allows you to print jobs from your own device, as well as the library and study space PCs. You must also comply with copyright regulations when copying or printing, details of which are displayed next to the machines.

Documents with added password protection cannot be printed using the PrintMe system. Password protection will need to be removed from the document before sending it for printing.

Most students won’t need to register for a printer login – instead, you will pay as you go for any printing or copying you do. Disabled students and students with learning difficulties should contact the library about a login to get concessionary copying and printing.

Get more information on how to print from these links:

Charges and payment authorisations

Costs are per page of the document being copied or printed, and it will be cheaper to print double-sided. You can select from single-sided or double-sided options when at the printer.

Double-sidedA4 black and white 5p
A4 colour 12p
A3 black and white 7p
A3 colour 17p
Single-sidedA4 black and white 7p
A4 colour 15p
A3 black and white 10p
A3 colour 20p

On tapping in with your payment card or device on the card reader, you will see authorisation for the maximum amount you can spend in one session. But you will only pay for the copies and prints you actually make. 

The authorisation process when you tap verifies that a payment card is valid and has sufficient funds to complete the transaction. If approved, the authorised amount is held until your transaction is completed – so when you print or make copies the maximum authorisation amount (currently £5) is replaced by the amount you actually spent. If you touch in with your card but choose not to print or copy, the maximum amount is held as a pending transaction until an expiry time is reached, which is usually around 7 days for Visa and MasterCard.

Please note: the authorisation charge will not be payable by you, but it might affect the amount available you have to spend on your card while waiting for it to expire. Please contact the library if you have any concerns.

Video overview of printing facilities

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