Reading list information for tutors

What teaching staff need to know about getting online reading lists prepared for the new academic year

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Reading list policy

Updating your reading lists

Please make sure that you have sent us any new and updated lists needed for the start of the new academic year by Friday 12 July, lists received later than this will not be updated. If you don’t need to make any changes to your list please let us know and we will re-issue it for next year. Please note that lists are not automatically renewed, we can only re-issue a reading list if you confirm that you require it for next year’s teaching.

Please email your updated reading list to

Please submit all reading list updates either as a Word document, or listed in an email – do not send articles or chapters unless requested.

Where possible please source material from the library’s collection. You can search our Discovery service for books and articles that are available to our members. We are also happy to include items that have been published under an open access licence, and which are freely available – please send us the link where you found these.

General guidelines

Wherever possible we will provide electronic access to book chapters and journal articles directly from your online reading list – this may be in the form of links to ebooks and ejournals, or a scanned chapter or article if we don’t have an online version.

Please check your online reading lists to see how students access their course readings, you can also check to see which of the readings are available to read online or can be downloaded from the reading list.

Full-text articles, chapters and books which are available electronically will have hyperlinked titles, and will also have one or more of these icons next to the title:

Symbols used on the keylinks reading list platform that show links to full-text material

If your list is organised by seminar/blocks, please include session details, such as date, seminar title, and tutor.

Please indicate which books, if any, you would like us to add to the reference collection, wherever possible we will try to have at least one additional loan copy. If a title is available as an ebook we wouldn’t normally add a print copy to the reference collection, unless it is likely to be in high demand for several courses.

Please indicate which books, if any, you would expect the students to purchase.

Adding new references

If you are adding any new items to the reading list please make sure that you include the following information.

Content warnings on reading lists

Library staff have been working with the EDI team to implement a system of flagging outdated or offensive materials on reading lists.

This includes making the EDI message, which appears on the landing pages of reading lists, more prominent and adding ‘content warning’ tags to individual book chapters or articles. A note can be added to appropriately contextualise and critique any problematic texts, so that students are clear why they continue to be included on our reading lists.

Tutors can email the Reading Lists team or contact the EDI team for further information.

As always we have to comply with our HE Copying and Digitization Licence, the main points to note are:

Please see our Copyright webpages for more information about our HE Copying and Digitization Licence, including good practice guide for academic staff.

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