Personal tutorials

Many of our programmes offer a personal tutor throughout our students’ journey with us. Your course handbook will specify whether this is the case for your programme of study. 

What your personal tutor can offer

Your personal tutor provides a personal contact point to help you feel connected to your course, and they are someone you can talk to if you have questions about your course or encounter any difficulties which affect your studies.

You will meet with them regularly to consider your academic progress and any issues relating to, or with the potential to affect, that progress. They will welcome you at the start of your programme and provide you with a consistent and supportive space throughout your studies, enabling you to reach your potential and achieve positive outcomes from your programme of study. 

Your personal tutor can: 

Whilst your personal tutor cannot offer support in relation to the following areas, other support is available: 

Finding out who your personal tutor is

Your personal tutor will email you within the first half-term to introduce themselves, provide you with their contact details, and arrange a time to meet for an initial tutorial. Thereafter, it will be a shared responsibility between you and your tutor to find times for subsequent tutorials. 

Meeting with your personal tutor

Please consult your course handbook to see how many tutorials you are expected to have throughout the year, as the requirements vary between programmes. It might be helpful for both student and tutor to take brief notes of the tutorial as an aide memoir, and this can be agreed upon in the first meeting. 

Your personal tutor can advise and support you across a wide range of issues. You can contact your personal tutor at any time in the academic year if there is something you would like to discuss. Your personal tutor is not someone you should only see when you have a problem but should be your first point of contact in the event of any query/problem impacting on your studies. 

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