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Leadership and management in the public and voluntary sectors: a systemic perspective (CPD23)

Explore the practical and theoretical leadership and management skills essential for managing change

In today’s changing and uncertain political and financial climate, a practical and theoretically grounded course in leadership and management skills is essential for being able to manage change and the uncertainty this brings, reshape services and maintain motivation in the workforce.

Aims and learning objectives

This online course aims to:

  • provide professionals, working in voluntary and public sector organisations, with a theoretical framework within which to reflect upon and prepare for the processes of leadership and management
  • develop leadership and management skills that facilitate the effective delivery of the outcomes required
  • develop a systemic framework and understanding of organisations with the focus on relationships, considering the context and cultures in which people are working and the various levels of meaning which shape our abilities to act
  • enable participants to reflect on practices of power in their organisational contexts and take up an active anti-racist stance in addition to attending to other aspects of diversity
  • explore the processes involved in carrying out leadership and management tasks, reflecting on participants’ own experiences and common concerns arising in the workplace
  • facilitate the process of applying knowledge and skills from the course to participants’ daily work via project work and consultation

Who is this course for?

This course will appeal to those moving into leadership positions and those who have recently taken up, or are considering, senior management posts as well as existing managers who would like the opportunity to enhance their skills.

Course details

The course is designed with a focus on action learning. It consists of two modules, made up of blocks of six half-day sessions, with a mixture of formal staff input, small and large groups and experiential exercises. The modules constitute an integrated package, and both must be attended.

There will be 12 workshops (42 learning hours in total).

This cohort is now CLOSED. Please use the “register your interest” button to be added to the list to be the first to hear about future cohorts, the next of which is likely to start in Autumn 2023. Applications will open a few months in advance.

SessionsDateStart timeEnd time
Session 1/12Tuesday 1 November 20229:30am1.00pm
Session 2/12Tuesday 8 November 20229:30am1.00pm
Session 3/12Tuesday 15 November 20229:30am1.00pm
Session 4/12Tuesday 22 November 20229:30am1.00pm
Session 5/12Tuesday 29 November 20229:30am1.00pm
Session 6/12Tuesday 6 December 20229:30am1.00pm
Session 7/12Tuesday 13 December 20229:30am1.00pm
Session 8/12Tuesday 17 January 20239:30am1.00pm
Session 9/12Tuesday 24 January 20239:30am1.00pm
Session 10/12Tuesday 31 January 20239:30am1.00pm
Session 11/12Tuesday 7 February 20239:30am1.00pm
Session 12/12Tuesday 21 February 20239:30am1.00pm

During the course there will be the opportunity to bring a management task or activity that you are engaged in and discuss it in a facilitated coaching conversation with other course members and tutors.

This course will be delivered remotely using Zoom.

You will need a device with a microphone and camera together with a suitably fast internet connection. Although mobile devices and tablets can be used, we recommend the use of a laptop or desktop PC for the best experience. Some devices provided by employers may have restrictions in place. Please use this Zoom test link to check your set up before booking.

You will be sent the necessary login link about a week before the course start date. Should you have any concerns about the accessibility of remote delivery please contact us to discuss how we can best help you.

Module one: a systemic leadership and management task

In this module, you’ll cover the following areas:

  • theoretical overview, drawing from a range of systemic ideas including a whole systems approach, coordinated management of meaning, social constructionism and narrative ideas
  • understanding your and other participants’ organisations and positions within these. You’ll be able to observe and reflect on ways of communicating and the range of possibilities available to in your practice
  • the task of leadership and different leadership styles

Module two: focusing on leading and managing services

In this module, you’ll cover the following areas:

  • leadership – throughout the course, you’ll develop skills in taking up an ‘observer position’ in relation to your own behaviour and actions and those of others to effect change
  • the political and social context and organisational culture – systemic ideas are used to help make sense of the contradictions and complexities that occur in a variety of organisational cultures both within and between these and external environments
  • management of change – the challenge for leadership is how to manage and lead organisations that will survive but maintain their core values and identities within new contexts
  • application of systemic thinking via skills practice with opportunities to apply systemic ideas to work situations and receive systemic coaching and feedback

You will be expected to have some basic knowledge of systemic ideas which you’ll be asked to outline on the pre-application background form.

Library membership

Included in your course fee, you will receive online membership to the Tavistock’s internationally-renowned library for the duration of your course.

Our friendly and knowledgeable library team will help to support you through your specialist CPD course, whatever your level of professional or academic experience. You will have access to an extensive range of eBooks, online journals, all the relevant key databases and our specialist audio-visual collection, plus reference access to all our print books.

Our information skills trainer has made lots of material available on Moodle to help you navigate our comprehensive electronic collections. PCs and photocopiers are available for your use (charges apply for printing and copying), as well as various online resources including audio/video playlists.

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Between the modules, one session will be devoted to facilitated consultations where delegates will be able to practice using the tools learnt in the first sessions to the resolution of a workplace dilemma relevant to their setting.


“Very interesting, energising training. It was good to hear about the experiences of people from many different services. I will be a more confident and vibrant leader after this training.”
“I loved all of it, its been my community of practice it has affirmed that this is what I want to do more of. All facilitators have been fantastic, amazing learning and teaching and practice wisdom.”
“The course has been enjoyable and provided lots of opportunity for dialogue, experiential learning and theory into practice.”
“Very rich learning with clear guidelines in which to find my own creativity.”
“Fantastic course – I have learnt so much and feel very energised.”

Course facilitators

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