Course development

All courses we deliver have been developed in keeping with the Trust’s mission and with the student at the centre

We offer a selection of CPD and long-courses, as well as a variety of validated and accredited courses. Validated courses lead to a nationally and internationally recognised award (such as an MA) and are accredited (validated) by one of our University Partners, University of East London, and University of Essex.

Course development committee

All Trust courses will first be discussed and considered at a strategic and fundamental level at the course development committee.


All the courses we offer which lead to an award have undergone a rigorous course development process, known as validation, with one of our University Partners.

Courses also undergo an equally rigorous re-development every four to five years (in addition to our annual course monitoring and review processes) to ensure the course is as current, relevant, useful and high-quality as it can be.

To ensure the courses are of an equivalent level as similar awards offered at other institutions, we benchmark against the Quality Assurance Agency’s Quality Code Part A, and also refer to Chapter B1 of the same Quality Code. This protects the value of the course and ensures that students are getting training and education of the best standards.

Inclusivity in course and assessment design

Those writing or reviewing courses must consider inclusivity in course and assessment design by being mindful of socio-economic groups. This report from the HEA provides guidance and information in these areas.

Further partner information

For specific information and forms from each of our partner organisations please visit their websites.

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