Using AI in education

An example of artificial intelligence (AI)

ChatGPT is one example of an AI tool. It is a sophisticated chatbot that provides answers to any question you ask it. It can understand and respond to complex questions. It has been used to write original poems, summarise reports, produce essay plans and much more. However, there are limitations with tools like ChatGPT, as they can generate incorrect and out-of-date information.

Artificial Intelligence and assessments

It is important you do not use AI tools to generate assessed work and submit it as if it was your own work. All the assessed work you submit for your course must be your own.

University of Essex courses

The Trust follows the University of Essex procedures regarding academic offences for students on courses that are validated by the University of Essex. The University of Essex’s Academic Offences Procedures cover the use of AI. Using AI to produce material and submit it for assessment as if it were your own work will be treated as an academic offence.

The University of Essex’s Academic Offences procedure can be found on:

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