Staff Publications Online

How to use our open access repository to discover Trust research and find full-text downloads

The library’s Staff Publications Online repository makes doctoral research and other material available Open Access to maximise reach and impact, promoting the Trust’s work worldwide​.

The work on the repository collects work from 2007 onward, and includes full-text articles and book chapters, as well as downloadable PDFs of doctoral theses. It also includes links to staff media appearances.

If you’re a Tavistock and Portman staff member or research student, make sure you tell us about your publications.

Searching Staff Publications Online

Simple search

The search box at the top of the Staff Publications Online site allows you to quickly search the repository by using keywords. It will look for your keywords in the author name, title, abstract, full text and date. Quick searching can sometimes bring up unexpected or less relevant results, so you might prefer to use the advanced search option.

Advanced search

For a more detailed search, you can choose the advanced search option on Staff Publications Online. A link for this sits under the simple search box. You can specify which fields to search, subjects, item types and more. This means, for example, you could search for all the items by a particular author published in a specific journal.

Advanced search screen on Staff Publications Online repository website

Search results

Results can be ordered by relevance, author name, title or year. You’ll see the message ‘Full text available’ for items that can be accessed from the repository. Open access material will not require a Shibboleth login to view or download it, but the item may not be the final published version.

Audio and video clips will often have a link to the clip on Box of Broadcasts, so you’ll need your Shibboleth login to watch or listen. If a book, chapter or journal is part of the library collection you will also find a link​ that will take you to the publication via Shibboleth but you don’t need your login to search the repository.​

Results list from a search on Staff Publications Online

Browsing the repository

You can also browse the content of the repository using links on the repository home page, or you can start from here with the links listed below:

Repository impact

“The library’s repository for dissertations influences clinical practice, service delivery and policy, and contributes to further research”
Dr Charlotte Burck​ Honorary Consultant Systemic Psychotherapist​ Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust
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