Shibboleth login help

Tips on what to do if you’re having problems logging in with Shibboleth

You’ll need a username and password to access many of the library’s journals, databases and ebooks. We use a system called Shibboleth to create these login details for you.

You’ll need to activate your Shibboleth account before you can access library services and your Moodle account (Moodle accounts are needed for students and teaching staff only). You’ll receive your username and activation link by email.

Students on long courses should note that their Shibboleth login details are different and separate from their MyTap login.

If you’re having problems with Shibboleth access on an existing account, use the links below to reset your password or get a username reminder. Remember, resetting your password won’t work on an account that hasn’t yet been activated.

Please contact the library if you experience any further problems with your login.

Security for logins

If you make 10 incorrect attempts when logging in with your Shibboleth username and password, you’ll get a message stating you’ll be unable to login for five minutes. While you’re waiting for this time to pass, you can still check your username and reset your password.

Library staff are unable to shorten the amount of time you need to wait. If you continue to have problems, please contact the library.

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