Citing and referencing

Guidance on how to cite and reference material in your research and work, including Harvard and APA styles

What are citing and referencing?

Citing and referencing are the processes of acknowledging other people’s work when you have used it in your assignment or research. In-text citations and corresponding references allow the reader to locate your source material quickly and easily. It’s an essential part of academic work and very important to get right. 

Referencing support

Our information skills librarian can offer training sessions to Tavistock and Portman staff and students. You can find out more on our information skills page. There are also video guides available on YouTube, which you can watch below.

Cite Them Right Online

Cite Them Right Online is an online tool for referencing and citation creation, which includes the styles Harvard and APA 7th. It includes a variety of styles, reference and citation format guides, online videos and an interactive tutorial.

Referencing video playlists

Cite them Right Harvard 11th referencing playlist

APA 7th style referencing playlist

EndNote Web

You can use a reference manager such as EndNote Web to help you with the process of citing and referencing. We have YouTube videos on how to use EndNote Web, which you can watch below. You can log or register for an account on the EndNote website. 

EndNote Web video playlist

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