Missing Pieces: From Dependency to Autonomy in Complex Systems

11 – 15 December 2023

How do we understand and accept the need for dependency in a system (family, education, work) while also striving for and achieving a level of autonomy, and freedom?

What are the missing pieces, in our perceptions of ourselves, and others, which through examination, might raise awareness and lead to a more confident, and collaborative engagement with our environment?

How can we understand dependency and autonomy in relation to the roles we take and our capacity to lead and follow in organizations?

‘Missing Pieces: From Dependency to Autonomy in Complex Systems’ will provide a deep learning journey with the potential to take members to a higher resolution, in terms of understanding individual, group and organizational dynamics. The aim is to be able to see ourselves and others more clearly in the context of a complex system.

About this conference

The conference is designed as a temporary organisational system for experiential learning – allowing participants to learn through the immediate experience of engaging in, and reflecting on, the events of the conference.

The conference is an opportunity to:

  • Experiment with known, and new roles
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your relationship to authority.
  • Understand the impact of closed and open boundaries in an organization.
  • Play with leadership and followership.
  • Learn about group dynamics, the highs, and the lows.

As the conference title suggests, a central organizational tension we will explore is how one can accept a healthy and appropriate dependency on others, while striving for greater autonomy, creativity, and freedom.

Building Experience Group

This year’s conference will include a Building Experience Group.

This group is for those who have attended at least one previous Group Relations Conference (GRC). The experience of a GRC can be a catalyst for unrivalled change; and those who have attended might have been left with confusion, curiosity, questions unanswered or a desire to deepen and develop learnings further. Learning at the group level can feel confronting, challenging and at times even controversial. This group is for people who want to have more conversations that question the contexts we live in.

The BE group is uniquely positioned to work alongside staff and members and will form its own small study group. This group will have an additional online meeting on Sunday 10/12/23

Please direct any queries to the conference administrator on: GRC@tavi-port.nhs.uk

Director, Ben Neal 

Associate Director, Robyn Vesey 

Training Director, Lopa Winters 


External applicant – £870 

20% reduction for Tavi / internal applicants

Building experience Group – £690  

20% reduction for Tavi / internal applicants

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At the Tavistock Centre, 120 Belsize Ln, London NW3 5BA

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