Dreams, creativity and hope in a polarised world

About this conference

On this three-day, non-residential Group Relations Conference (GRC), we will challenge ourselves to explore together feelings and ideas that ordinarily we might prefer not to confront. At times, these may feel like they are beyond words, but by establishing a place of rapprochement we hope to speak to each other openly, aided by using creative ways of expression such as dreams, sculpting and group exercises to (re)examine our words and deeds.

Let us explore together our inner and outer worlds, which may currently feel divisive, focusing on collaboration and co-creation alongside authority and leadership. You are invited to experiment with the roles you take up in groups using an experiential way of learning. This is not based on lectures or didactic teaching, but through emotional learning (the examination of one’s immediate experience).

This Group Relations Conference is for anyone who is interested in the current state of groups, organisations and society. The primary task is to explore unconscious and conscious processes, group dynamics and our individual and collective contributions to them, as they occur in the here and now of the temporary Conference organisation.

Co-directors: Maxine Dennis and Sarah Wynick 

We aim to:

  • Reflect on the challenges involved in taking up a role within the boundaries of time, task and territory.
  • Discover how our multiple identities, power and diversity, may impact the positioning of one’s experiences, and the roles taken.
  • Develop a further understanding of what occurs in groups, organisations and society.
  • Learn to generate new ideas and ways of working to create sustainable practice in work and society.

Conference venue, dates and timings:

The conference will take place in person at: The Tavistock Centre, 120 Belsize Lane, London, NW3 5BA.

To maximise the conference learning for yourself and other attendees, we ask all members to commit to attending the whole of all three days:

Please note: the deadline for applications for this conference will be Friday 8 July, or when all places are filled.

Conference fees:

  • Internal Trust member: £416
  • Non-Trust member: £520

N.B. Participants who applied before Wednesday 1 May were eligible to receive a 10% early bird discount offer. 

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