Tavistock Society of Psychotherapists, teal


The following terms have these meanings throughout this Guidance:
“TSP” means Tavistock Society of Psychotherapists
“Trust” means Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust
“BPC” means British Psychoanalytic Council
“Logo” means:

Member of Tavistock Society of Psychotherapists e-signature, teal
Member of Tavistock Society of Psychotherapists e-signature, black

Persons authorised to use the Logo

Members of the TSP are authorised to use the Logo in accordance with the guidance below.

Categories of membership of the TSP

Full Member: Individuals can apply for membership of the TSP after successful completion of one of the Trust’s BPC-accredited programmes. Individuals can also apply to join the TSP or add to their membership via a qualification they have gained elsewhere through our equivalence process.
Retired Member: Non-practising members are welcome to transfer to the retired member category. This membership category allows non-practising members to stay in touch with the TSP and the profession, whilst the TSP remains connected with the experience and knowledge of its members. If a retired member wishes to take up practice again they should let the TSP know as soon as possible and their membership will be transferred to Full Membership, with the proviso that they meet all the eligibility criteria.

Conditions of use of the Logo

Retired members are not able to use the TSP Logo.

Full Members can use the Logo to refer to themselves as registered Members of the TSP. Full Members can use the Logo across online and print media to promote their membership of the TSP. Full Members will be provided with the logo upon request and which can be displayed on the member’s website as well as on printed materials and on advertisements.


he Logo must be used in its original format, the colour, typeface, orientation or aspect ratio must not be amended.

Members are only authorised to use the Logo as defined in this guidance. Members are not authorised to use other marks or logos owned by the TSP unless permission is expressly granted.

The Logo should only be used professionally and for TSP related matters. If other, complementary services are provided by a member, the Logo should not be used in any way which states or implies that the member’s competencies in other areas are endorsed by the TSP. The Logo signals that the registrant is a member of the TSP and is not for endorsing a
business or practice or for commercial gain.

If you leave the TSP through cancellation, termination of membership of the TSP or non-renewal, you should make sure that any mention of TSP membership and the associated logos are removed from your website and promotional materials immediately.

The logo should not be used in a manner which would bring the reputation of the TSP or the BPC into disrepute and/or damage public confidence in the profession, the TSP, or the BPC.

If the logo is not used correctly, as outlined above, or through cancellation or termination of membership you are no longer a member of TSP then the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation retains the right to refuse use of the TSP logo and enforce its removal from all locations with 10 working days.

Procedure for taking action against misuse of the Logo

Members found to be using the Logo when not permitted to do so, or using the Logo in a manner that is inconsistent with the right of use, may be subject to the BPC’s Code of Ethics and Ethical Guidelines and Fitness to Practise Procedures and/or have their continuing membership of the TSP considered by the TSP Board. This may include the imposition of sanctions including the termination of membership of the TSP and notifying the BPC.

In the first instance, the TSP will discuss the matter with the member. If the Logo continues to be misused, the matter will be escalated in accordance with the BPC’s Code of Ethics and Ethical Guidelines and/or Fitness to Practise Procedures, or to the TSP Board where the member is not also a BPC Registrant.

Procedure for dealing with appeals against refusal of or cancellation of authorisation to use the Logo

Appeals against decisions to refuse or cancel authorisation to use the Logo will be dealt with by the TSP Board.

Should you have any queries regarding the TSP logo or its intended use, please contact the TSP Administrator at TSP@tavi-port.org and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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