Regulations for registration and enrolment

  1. INTRODUCTION AND SCOPE: These general regulations form part of the terms of the contract between an officially enrolled student and Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust (the Trust). When accepting a place to attend a programme of study at the Trust it is important you read through these contractual terms as this indicates that you agree to be bound by all the relevant regulations of the Trust. Please ensure you keep a copy of these terms for your records.
  2. STUDENT STATUS: A status as a student commences at the point of enrolment on a programme of study at the Trust. This constitutes a binding agreement on the student to attend the programme on which they are enrolled and to adhere to the Trust’s Regulations. The student status continues until the award is conferred or granted unless it is otherwise terminated.
  3. ENROLMENT: Before a prospective student can start their programme of studies at the Trust they must enrol. Enrolment occurs when a prospective student has accepted an offer of admission to a programme of study (or part of a programme). No student shall be entitled to enrol for a programme of study unless the course fees, including outstanding fees, have been paid or satisfactory arrangements made to ensure that they would be paid. No student may be enrolled simultaneously on more than one full-time taught programme of study and two part-time taught programme of studies.
  4. REGISTRATION: Registration occurs when a student has, in the required manner, enrolled and paid the fees in accordance with procedures approved by the Trust. All prospective or continuing students are required to register as a student of the Trust by completing (re-)enrolment on their programme of study each year before attending learning activities and by a closing date in the offer letter. This should normally take place at the beginning of each academic year the programme of study is pursued and subsequent years of study or at any other time determined by the Trust. A Registered Student is required to register annually until he or she has completed their programme of study. Registration must be completed prior to commencing the chosen programme of study.

Students who fail to complete (re)enrolment (including payment of fees) in full by the due date risk forfeiting their place on their admitted programme of study. The Trust reserves the right, on academic grounds, not to allow students to register after term has started. Only exceptionally will prospective or continuing students be allowed to register late. A late fee will be charged in such cases. Students are required to ensure that they have the financial resources necessary to meet the cost of course fees and maintenance for the full duration of the programme of study. No prospective or continuing student will be permitted to attend the schedule activities or to use the Trust Library or any other facilities until he/she has registered and paid or made satisfactory arrangements to pay the course fees due.

Continuing students who have commenced a programme of study but who fail to re-register by the end of the period of five studying weeks starting with the first day of the programme in a given academic term shall be deemed to have officially withdrawn from their programme of study and shall cease to be a student of the Trust.

  • DELAYED ENTRY: A student can delay entry to the following academic year only once and the admission to the programme of study must be approved by the programme lead.
  • CHANGES TO PERSONAL DETAILS: You must notify the Trust of any change(s) in your circumstances including change in residential and term time address, change of name, sponsor contact details and source of funding as soon as you are reasonably able to do so.
  • ACCESSIBILITY AND REASONABLE ADJUSTMENTS: The Trust welcomes applications from those requiring additional support and all such applications are considered on the same academic grounds as other applicants. We will ensure that students who share their accessibility requirements on their application form, are supported whenever possible.
  • EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES: The Trust ensures that all applicants to Trust programmes of study are considered regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, marital status, race, religion, age, creed, colour, ethnic origin, social class or disability.
  • CHANGES TO SCHEDULED PROGRAMMES: The Trust may need to alter scheduled and published programmes of study if it is considered reasonable and necessary, particularly where caused by disruptions to scheduled learning activities which occur through circumstances outside its control. Where the Trust is unable to deliver a scheduled and/or published programme of study or learning activity, it will use its best endeavours to provide alternative provision. In these circumstances the Trust will not provide financial compensation or refund. The Trust will not be held financially or otherwise liable where it is unable to deliver a scheduled and published programme of study or learning activity in circumstances beyond its control.
  • DATA PROTECTION: The Trust is under an obligation to provide information on student data to various organisations [HESA, University collaborative partners and Health Education England (HEE)]. The Trust will report student data to these organisations and such information will only be released under the terms of the Data Protection Act. Student files are confidential and will only be released under the terms of the consent you have given under the Data Protection Act 1998 in your application form.

Students may have access to confidential information during their programme of study including, in particular, information relating to the diagnosis and treatment of patients. The Trust’s policy on confidentiality of information about patients is a cornerstone of professional practice. Staff, trainees and students are required to comply strictly with this policy as revised from time to time, a current copy of which you can find on our website. The maintenance of confidentiality is also a requirement of course work discussion groups, seminars, student presentations and all learning activities. This includes work submitted for formal assessment ensuring that references to individuals and institutions are fully anonymised.

For students on NHS Funded or employer-sponsored programmes or learning activities, the Trust where required will provide information on their attendance and performance to Health Education England, their employer and/or where relevant professional or regulatory body. This information will also be provided to other sponsors on request. The Trust will make information available to Health Education England where a funded student commits a serious case of academic or other dishonesty.

  1. CHANGES TO STUDENT STATUS: Students who owe money to the Trust from a previous academic year(s) will be given temporary registration only valid until the end of September to allow students to settle debts. When an account is not settled, students will no longer be able to attend a course and will be ineligible to appear for assessment in, or to obtain credit for, any programme of study which students may have registered for.

Absenteeism due to ill health must be supported with a doctor’s medical certificate and notified to the appropriate programme of study course administrator as soon as reasonably possible. Being absent from your programme of study may result in us removing you from this programme of study, and/or not being able to award you with your qualification where it affects your studies.

  1. TERMINATION OF STUDIES/WITHDRAWALS: A student who wishes to permanently withdraw from the programme of study before completion must give notice in writing and complete the official withdrawal form. Former students who have withdrawn permanently or been deemed to have withdrawn permanently from the Trust may be re-admitted to a programme of study. Should a student wish to return to the Trust, they must re-apply again for the programme of study via APEL route.

If a student fails to re-register or make contact with the Trust and respond to the relevant correspondence or fails to pay the outstanding fees or make acceptable arrangements to pay or fail to participate adequately in his/her programme of study by the end of the specified period, Finance and Registry Unit may write to the student advising that if he/she does not contact the Trust within 10 working days with a view to continue on a programme of study or pay the fees, the student shall be deemed to have withdrawn permanently from the programme of study or have abandoned his/her studies and the student’s registration will be terminated.

If the student contacts the Finance and Registry Unit within 10 working days, he/she will be given a final opportunity to establish official enrolment / registration or participation or payment of fees. Where a student fails to adhere to the requirements for adequate registration or participation or payment of fees, the Dean or the authorized designate will review the case and may inform the Finance and Registry Unit to arrange for the student’s registration to be terminated with immediate effect. The student will be given the right to appeal against this decision by submitting in writing the supporting evidence to the Finance and Registry Unit. The appeal shall be considered by the Dean.

  1. INTERMISSIONS AND SUSPENSIONS: A student who wishes to intermit or suspend from their programme of study before completion must give notice in writing with acceptable reasons by completing the relevant form. If permission is given, the student will be registered as an intermitting student or suspending student for the whole of the period of their approved absence. Students who intermit or suspend from their studies should make themselves familiar with any changes in assessment policy or in the programme of study that may have taken place during their absence. Students must be aware of the maximum indicative length of a programme and the limit of time within which deferred assessment or reassessment is available. Students are required to re-register following a period of intermission or suspension. Students who fail to do so within five studying weeks will be deemed to have withdrawn permanently.
  2. TRANSFER BETWEEN PROGRAMMES OF STUDY: A student may transfer from one programme of study to another within the Trust on condition that a satisfactory level of academic performance has been achieved, the conditions of entry have been met, and approval of the Programme Leader has been obtained for the new programme of study. A transfer form must be completed and submitted to the Finance and Registry Unit before the commencement of the new intended programme of study.
  3. NON EEA STUDENTS WITH TIER 4 STUDENT VISAS: The Trust is obliged under the terms of its sponsorship license with the Home Office to monitor enrolment and attendance of non EEA students and report changes related to student registration e.g. change of name, address, contact details, intermission, withdrawal from studies.
  4. TRUST REGULATIONS, POLICIES AND RULES: It is important that the Trust’s IT system and services are used appropriately at all times. Information created, distributed, or stored on Trust premises is Trust property and should be used for authorised purposes only. Student use of the Trust IT system will be monitored and all students are expected to adhere to the Trust IT policy. All students are required to use only the Trust encrypted USB memory key which will be provided on commencement of programme of study. A charge will be incurred for replacement keys.

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust is fully committed to equal opportunities in its practice and teaching. The Trust aims to promote a productive and harmonious learning environment where students are valued, everybody is treated with respect and dignity and in which no form of intimidation or harassment will be tolerated.

The Trust operates a strictly no-smoking policy in Trust buildings and grounds.

The Trust has an obligation under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to provide a safe and healthy condition for staff and students. Students are expected to co-operate with the Trust in discharging its duties and responsibilities under the Act. Students are under an obligation to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and for taking good care of all of their personal possessions whilst on Trust premises.

As members of Trust community, students are expected to conduct themselves with due regard for its good name and reputation. Students must agree to abide by the various regulations and policies applicable to them at the time of their (re)enrolment and as amended throughout the duration of their programme of study. Policies and regulations are amended each academic year and can be found on the website, in the offer letter, enrolment pack and a programme handbook.

  1. BINDING CONTRACT: This agreement is subject to English law, and the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts, except that where the contract between us in formed in the UK, any disputes shall be dealt with in the English courts. Any wording in any provision of the contract to which these terms form a part shall be severable and may be removed by the courts in the event that they are unfair or unreasonable or otherwise are not permitted under English law, but the remaining wording and provisions shall remain in place in the contract.
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