Student engagement

Working with our students makes sure we provide the service that you need while you’re studying with us

Your opinion matters. This is why we champion student engagement to help us check that what we’re doing is right, as well as finding out what we could do to improve and ensure that our courses live up to their world-class reputation.

Student reps

Our reps give students a voice and influence over both course and Trust-level policy and decision making. In real terms, this means they have an opportunity to influence the way a course is run and on the way the Trust directs improvements and strategy.

Reps at our national centres will also help us to learn from your experiences and ensure you are receiving a comparable experience to your peers studying directly with the Trust.

Student surveys

We run an annual survey to gather the views and opinions of all students studying with us, as well as more frequent ‘pulse’ surveys during term time to find out what matters most to our students so we can adapt accordingly.

Course committees

We hold at least two course committees per year for each long course that we offer at the Trust. Student reps from each course attend these meetings, chaired by the course lead, to put forward the views of their peers regarding issues, requests and feedback.

Dean’s student forum

We want to connect and work in partnership with our students to create the best student experience we can. Part of how we try to achieve that is by running a Dean’s student forum, where senior managers have the chance to talk to our students about their experience.

Each forum has themes such as student support services, fairness and equality of opportunity, the Trust’s education and training aspirations. Important policies, procedures or regulations that may impact on the student experience may also be discussed.

Quality committee

The academic governance and quality assurance committee is one of the key committees in the Trust’s education and training faculty. There are two student places on the membership – one representing Essex-validated courses and the other UEL-validated courses.

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