Adult mental health

Course pathways for adult mental health and wellbeing

Find out how studying our courses can help you along your chosen career path

If you are interested in adult mental health and wellbeing, we have a range of courses that use of psychoanalytic thinking to promote understanding of emotional difficulty and complicated relationships.

Our course pathways are a guide, and students join them at different points based on their experience. Progression to the next course level is not automatic and may require additional experience or learning.

Explore the pathways below by selecting your initial level of study

Introductory courses

Our introductory courses are the perfect fit if you are just starting out in adult mental health and wellbeing and wish to learn more.

Applied and pre-clinical courses

We have a variety of applied and pre-clinical courses focused on adult mental health and wellbeing.

Applying psychoanalytic concepts

These courses can help to develop your understanding and confidence when working with service users.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy

Discover our new, consolidated Master’s degree and clinical training in psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Clinical and qualifying courses

We offer clinical and qualifying courses focused on psychodynamic and forensic psychotherapy.

Post-qualification courses

Expand and enhance your practice with our advanced post-qualification courses.

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