Kay Trainor

Kay Trainor

Organisational Coach and Principal Consultant, Tavistock Consulting

Dr Kay Trainor is a Principal Consultant at Tavistock Consulting and her focus is on noticing and revealing unconscious processes through her consulting interventions and bespoke educational programmes, ‘pressing pause’, as she puts it. She focuses on ‘live’ and in the moment and illuminating how particular dynamics are playing out in the room. She knows this can be confronting and uncomfortable for participants, but holds the space for the sake of learning.

Her experience designing and running programmes includes the following highlights in the UK and beyond:

– Decoding Team Dynamics, IMD business school, Lausanne, Switzerland
– Consultancy Skills Training , Sukrut, Bangalore, India
– Discovering Leadership Conference, Tavistock Clinic, London
– Consultancy Skills (for mental health professionals), Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, Switzerland

Before being awarded a professional doctorate in organisational consultancy, Kay worked in the arts as a director, actor and writer for theatre and television. Her interest in what makes organisations work well (or not) began when she found herself catapulted into heading up a rapidly expanding London arts festival. She learned to reflect in action as a leader of a complex and fast-moving project.

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