Lessons from psychoanalysis: understanding work dynamics

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What was the webinar about?

If you work in an emotionally intense setting, you’ll be very familiar with some of the factors that can increase stress levels or make work a more difficult place to be.

In this free webinar, we explored some of the unconscious dynamics that exist below the surface at work – analysing how these might be impacting your environment and experience.

We also explored some key psychoanalytic ideas that can be applied to your professional context, to help you better understand and manage the challenges of your role.

This webinar took place on Thursday 11 May 2023, and was led by Rodrigo Sanchez, an experienced psychoanalyst, with a background in clinical psychology and psychodynamic psychotherapy, and a wealth of teaching experience, both in the UK and internationally.

Who was this webinar for?

This free webinar is for you if you work in an emotionally-intense setting, and would like to get a fresh perspective on your work by exploring some key psychoanalytic concepts.

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