A diverse group of students attending a group relations conference.

Trust holds Group Relations Conference on identity, culture and class

Our most recent group relations conference on identity, culture and class in group and organisational life concluded yesterday.

Group relations conferences offer delegates the opportunity to understand more about group processes and how they behave in a variety of group settings in an experiential setting. Participants learn through the immediate experience of engaging in, and reflecting on, the events of the conference.

This time, the conference focused on learning how group and organisational dynamics are influenced by different perspectives on ethnicity, culture and social class. Participating in a group relations conference offers the potential for deep and transformational learning about both oneself and the dynamics of groups and organisations. Participants joined us from all over the world and said:

“I learnt that there’s something special in the fabulous unknown. I gained a lot of insight – it gave me an introspective view of my own mind, my heart, and my spiritual life. I feel that’s going to translate into how I show up in the groups that I travel in and out of in my life. Rather than looking at others, I ended up looking at myself and I wasn’t expecting that. The highlight of this experience was meeting people from all different backgrounds, different countries but, also, from different cultures. For me, being able to observe others, being with so many different people and feeling that I had a connection to them, was surprising.”

“I’ve learnt a lot about myself in a group context and how I show up, the positions I can take up in a group and how that might impact my authority in a group. I’ve also learnt about other people and where they are coming from and being able to listen to other people’s perspectives.”

Simon Tucker, Director for this Group Relations Conference said:

“The conference is a temporary organisation which supports a deep awareness of the processes that exist in groups and organisations. The courage and commitment of members of the conference to work with and through the unknown – which true learning through experience requires – leaves a deep sense of humility, awe, and hope.”

Intrigued by this conference?

Our next conference, Going against the grain: the value of anxiety in organisational life, is taking place 4 – 7 September 2023. This conference aims to consider the role anxiety can play in growth and learning. Applications close Friday 4 August.

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