Equality, diversity and inclusion – focus on Directorate of Education and Training

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) has been a significant focus of the Trust’s work in recent years. One of our core strategic objectives is to achieve equality of opportunity across the organisation, with a particular focus on race equality and disability. In 2021, the Trust commissioned an independent Race Equality Review, with recommendations and a Race Action Plan being taken forward.

Our Directorate of Education and Training (DET) has been actively involved in the Trust’s recent efforts. In November, at the Trust’s Annual General Meeting, a presentation was made by Paul Dugmore (Associate Dean and Chair of the Learning and Teaching Committee), and Laverne Antrobus (Educational Psychologist and an EDI Lead for DET).

Data was presented on five protected characteristics and how they may impact students, from recruitment through to enrolment and assessment; analyses of the reason for rejections; data on complaints, appeals and academic misconduct; student survey results, and feedback from student groups for under-represented students.

This article summarises the key points and explains how the Trust is progressing in this crucial area of work.

Data relating to protected characteristics


Percentage of students achieving a distinction or merit:

Race and ethnicity




Complaints, appeals, academic misconduct complaints

Student survey data

Feedback from student groups

The Trust run a number of student and trainee groups to provide an opportunity for students to meet each other and share experiences in a safe, facilitated environment. The ongoing conversation with these groups is likely to be critical in the Trust succeeding in its aims of being truly inclusive.

Themes fed back by members of the disabled student and trainee group include: appreciation around the group’s existence providing a supported space; online study as a leveller; sharing how the process of receiving support in itself can be disabling; the battle to be heard; awareness of issues is not always consistent across the institution, and some have fears around getting through their course.

In the LGBTQi+ group, discussion has included their experiences in the group, their concerns and the experience of being a minority.

Themes from the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic student and trainee group include: the importance of being offered a place; not feeling listened to and feeling isolated; macroaggressions and the group as a space where they feel validated.

Ongoing work

In order to address issues raised and improve on equality, diversity and inclusion, a number of interventions are being implemented. This includes:


While improvements are being made, it is clear from this picture that the Trust has more work to do in order to live up to its values of “embracing diversity” and “making our services and training as accessible as possible”.

The Trust will continue to monitor the data on protected characteristics, to enable comparisons of demographics across the student journey, and to identify concerns and progress from year to year. We will listen to the experiences of our students as we work to create an inclusive and diverse environment.

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