Audience Watching Presenter at Doing Difference Differently Seminar

Doing difference differently

Our collaborative seminar brought systemic practitioners together for a day of rich discussion, under the guidance of our faculty and renowned guest speakers.

On Thursday 27 June, we hosted ‘Doing difference differently’, a ground-breaking, collaborative seminar for systemic practitioners, at the Tavistock Centre in London.

Open to systemic psychotherapists, researchers and ethnographers, the free event was designed to foster innovative thinking and transformative approaches within the fields of systemic therapy and social anthropology.

Through a series of presentations and interactive dialogues, the seminar explored new and experimental areas within systemic enquiry and practice. Course facilitator and presenter, Julia Jude, explained: “The event created a space for anthropology, systemic, and decolonial ideas to meet, pause, linger, make connections, and correspond. The goal was to explore the applications of these ideas, encouraging participants to think beyond traditional boundaries and embrace innovative methodologies.”

The seminar also offered an in-depth look at our celebrated professional doctorate in Advanced practice and research: systemic psychotherapy (M10). As the longest standing systemic doctorate in the UK, this programme has a rich history of pioneering advanced practices and research in this area. Attendees gained insights into the programme’s unique approach and the impactful work of its graduates and faculty.

Central to the seminar’s theme of “Doing difference differently” was the application of philosophical ideas to explore various dimensions of difference – with an array of distinguished speakers addressing aspects of this topic:

Reflecting on the day, M10 course lead and event organiser, Britt Krause, concluded: “This seminar represented a unique opportunity to expand both our theoretical and practical horizons – ultimately contributing to the evolution of systemic therapy and social anthropology. I am grateful to all our speakers and participants.”

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Our one-of-a-kind doctorate in Advanced practice and research: systemic psychotherapy (M10) combines the principles of therapeutic practice with social science approaches – delivering a rich and interdisciplinary learning experience. You’ll pursue an original research project, explore current professional contexts, and build future-facing, reflexive leadership abilities.

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