Class resources

Books, articles, videos and other material covering issues around social class. Views expressed in these resources don’t necessarily reflect those of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Links to resources

Class reading list

A selection of resources adapted from a reading list created by ‘Difference, Identity, Diversity Workshop’ teaching staff, with additional references provided by the Systemic and Social Work disciplines. Shibboleth login required

Social class BoB playlist

BoB is an online TV and radio service for education and gives access to millions of archive broadcasts. The library has created a playlist with films, TV shows and radio programmes about social class. Shibboleth login required

British Social Attitudes on class

Despite a long-term decline in the size of the working class, the proportion of the public who identify themselves as working class has remained stable. British Social Attitudes examines the implications for social and political attitudes

Great British Class Survey

Get access to the data set from the BBC Great British Class Survey, a huge piece of research which got 325,000 respondents and was published in 2015. Hosted on UK Data Service, with free registration required for access

YouTube playlist on social class

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