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Tavistock Trauma Service: external lectures on trauma spring 2024 lecture 3 (CPD45B)

Somatic Experiencing: Enhancing Psychoanalytic Holding and Containment for Complex Trauma and Dissociation – Contending with the Flood and the Fog

This lecture is also available as part of a series.

This lecture is part of an innovative series organised by the Tavistock Trauma Service and is designed to reflect the clinical approach of the work whilst emphasising an adapted psychoanalytic approach with multi-modality and trauma-informed care.

We also use neurobiological and attachment theory to understand the impact of trauma. Our series will present a range of external speakers, each experts in the field, who will bring their own understanding of trauma via a presentation, followed by an audience question and answer session.

Who is this lecture for?

It is for you if you are a professional working within the mental health field who have an interest in trauma. You may be a psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, mental health nurse, support worker, counsellor or therapist.

Our talks will cover neurobiology, attachment theory and different psychoanalytic perspectives on trauma, including historical child sexual abuse.

Lecture details

This lecture will take place on:

DateStart timeEnd timeWill lecture be recorded* and available after the live event?
Thursday 7 March 20237pm8.30pmYes

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This is the third and final lecture in the Spring 2024 series.

Lecture 3: Somatic Experiencing: Enhancing Psychoanalytic Holding and Containment for Complex Trauma and Dissociation – Contending with the Flood and the Fog

7 March 2024

This lecture will be recorded.

Lecturer: Dr. David Levit

Dr. Levit will discuss his work on interweaving somatic approaches from outside of psychoanalysis into psychoanalytic treatment, especially for patients suffering from early developmental trauma and severe dissociation. Dr. Levit is a psychoanalyst who trained in Somatic Experiencing (SE). Developed originally as a treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder, SE is rooted in neurobiology and ethology. As the name conveys, Somatic Experiencing is about working therapeutically with the body, but it introduces ways of working in the body that are quite different from psychoanalytic modes. Its central focus is on posttraumatic dysregulation and disorganization at the levels of the lower brain, the autonomic nervous system, and the body. Attendees do not need to have prior knowledge about SE as Dr. Levit will provide an overview of the model, but the focus of his presentation will be on illustrating how somatically based approaches from SE can enfold into, and enhance, psychoanalytic treatment. He will present clinical process illustrating forms of responsiveness based on SE. In discussing each vignette, he will invoke Ogden’s notion of looking at any clinical process from multiple conceptual vertices. Dr. Levit will consider each vignette from the perspectives of: (1) SE/neurobiology, (2) holding (as variously defined by Winnicott), and (3) the concept of container and contained. In so doing, he hopes to illustrate the synergy when interweaving SE into psychoanalytic treatment.


“Fantastic webinar about a topic that is difficult to talk about, rarely spoken about and hard to work with. Tonight was very enlightening and encouraging. Certainly will motivate and guide my personal research on the subject and undoubtedly open up my practice hoping to better support my clients.”
“Absolutely stunning – such an in-depth journey into new territory of work with trauma.”
“This lecture has been enormously helpful in providing me with a space to reflect on some of my cases alongside the presentation and discussion.”
“Yet again the standard of lecturers is excellent as well as the variety of viewpoints. Very stimulating course, thank you.”
“Thought provoking, relevant and very interesting.”


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